Field Distillation Unit

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Field Distillation Unit

Essential oils extraction is a thriving industry and Swaraj Herbal Plants is a leading OEM manufacturer for extraction of essential oils. We build world-class field Distillation Units (FDU), which are used for the distillation and extraction of essential oils from herbs, shrubs, leaves, roots, or other part of plant by passing the saturated steam. Our FDU systems consist of built-in-boiler tubes submerged in water for producing steam.

  • Customized Volumetric Capacity: 1000-8000 Ltrs.
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Automatic Grade: Semi-automatic
  • Country of Origin: India

Key Features

  • Operates on low pressure drops.
  • Has high number of separation stages.
  • Performance retention is maintained even in high-capacity columns.
  • Our system us durable and requires less maintenance.
  • Random packings replacement in each column enhance capacity by 20% to 50%
  • Minimum hold-up & reflux ratios.
  • Requires less energy consumption.

Customization and ease of use

The FDU can be set up and operated without highly skilled labours as well as it can be run without power. Besides superior quality, our field Distillation Unit is most cost-effective system in this industry.